Access control systems

Access control is necessary in any context accessible to the public and it is essential to be able to monitor the entrances in a simple but effective way to guarantee a high safety of the operating spaces together with a high mobility of people.

The system is designed on the specific needs of the site to be controlled, in order to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum investment.

Thanks to our acquired knowledge and continuous technical updating allow us to create systems with professional characteristics for any size.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • sensors with biometric technology
  • proximity sensors
  • alphanumeric keyboard or via badge
  • use of smart panic exit devices


Security systems with cameras in military buildings, such as avinao ab new passenger terminal, carabinieri station in pordenone, trieste and udine, banking institutions and supply areas.


300 +
Residential structures
130 +
Industrial structures
250 +
Military structures
Shopping centers
Banks and services

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