Energy saving solutions

Photovoltaic systems:
Clean energy: with photovoltaic systems, the production of electricity is sustainable for the environment and for the company and family budget.
ErreGi srl specializes in the construction of small, medium and large photovoltaic systems. Our team is prepared and competent in the photovoltaic sector and offers truly impeccable and efficient installation operations.
By carefully evaluating the individual cases and thanks to an adequate design, we are able to optimize the installation of a system capable of producing its own electricity in order to limit the consumption of energy drawn from the "network" and lower the cost in utility bill protecting the environment in which we live.

Domestic and industrial LED lighting systems:
Home systems: in more and more homes, LED bulbs are gradually replacing both traditional and fluorescent bulbs. The reasons are certainly to be found in the numerous advantages that this type of lighting has compared to the old technologies, and which make it a definitely preferable choice in various aspects. The LED lighting systems are in fact characterized by a significantly lower energy consumption and a much longer duration; to make them particularly appreciated in the domestic environment are their very small dimensions, which make it possible to install them even in architectural positions previously not exploitable by interior designers, such as floors and shelves. Another advantage greatly appreciated for the possible furnishing effects is that of the saturation of the colors emitted, which does not require the use of colored filters and therefore leaves the full efficiency of the lamp available. Less known, but very appreciable especially in summer, is the absolute lack of ultraviolet emissions in the LED light, which prevents these from attracting insects.
LED relamping in industry: industry has also discovered the value of this technology, and entire lighting systems for LED-based warehouses are spreading very quickly. In this area of application, the low energy consumption and long life of these bulbs continue to be appreciated, which lower the maintenance and management costs incurred by the companies; however, this is not where the benefits of this lighting technology end. In many industrial applications, in fact, the robustness exhibited by LEDs is of great value, making them capable of resisting without damage to shocks and mechanical stresses, even significant, as well as their resistance to humidity and vibrations, which means that they can be used in particularly difficult conditions. In addition to this, even when cold (down to -40 °), the LEDs have the advantage of immediate ignition at full capacity. All this makes the so-called LED relamping, i.e. the progressive replacement of the old neon tubes with the installation of LED lights, particularly advantageous for industries of all kinds.
LED systems in public lighting: the last area of application of LED lighting technology is that of outdoor public lighting; a sector for which this type of lamp proves to be extremely suitable. The low consumption and long life, which translate into energy savings and reduced replacement costs, are obviously also significant strengths here; in addition to this, however, there are other traits that make LEDs so ideal for urban lighting and road signs. On the one hand, in fact, these bulbs operate at currents so low that they can be entirely powered by renewable energies such as wind or solar, which practically nullifies their management costs. The strong brightness emitted is then obviously useful for increasing road safety.

Home Automation:
ErreGi srl has always stood out for the design and construction of home automation systems.
Home automation in residential use is not only aimed at improving the quality of life of the customer, automating some daily operations and adjusting them, based on the time of use, but also brings significant energy savings to the applicant.
ErreGi srl not only ensures better management of electricity but guarantees targeted energy savings based on personal needs for the use of electrical equipment.


Over 300 energy saving solutions designed and built between photovoltaic systems and intelligent lighting systems for hotels, residential buoldings and industrial facilities.


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