Electrical installations

Realize a good electrical system means complying with standard regulations, creating a work of art, meeting the daily needs of the customer. To achieve this ambitious goal, we are constantly looking for the best technical solutions in compliance with the right economic compromise.

The company designs, builds and maintain the entire electrical systems for individual and residential homes, , commercial and industrial. Electrical installations are carried out after a careful study of the details and with a specific regard to lighting aspects.

In the commercial sector we carry out civil electrical systems, in offices, business centers, restaurants and shops of every size or destination, and we have also obtained important results in civil plant engineering for hotels, hotels and medical facilities.

Highly specialized for the realization of particular systems such as:
  • Home automation systems that allow the customer to completely automate every home, programming and managing consumption at its best. Through a series of automatisms it is also possible to guarantee greater safety, with anti-intrusion systems.
  • Digital and satellite TV antenna systems;
  • Electric pedestals for car charging stations;
  • Sound diffusion systems
  • Protection systems against atmospheric discharges for strategic military buildings and telecommunication towers (Faraday Cage)


Over 300 electrical systems for civil structures such as residential complexes, villas and apartments, more than 400 realizations for industrial warehouses, military buildings in Italy and in Europe, civil and military hospitals


300 +
Residential structures
130 +
Industrial structures
250 +
Military structures
Shopping centers
Banks and services

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