Video surveillance systems

The issue of security is increasingly on the agenda and protecting your private home as much as your business is an indispensable requirement for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Prevention is the first element to be taken into consideration, and ErreGi srl, after a careful analysis of the area that it is intended to safeguard, proceeds with the design of the closed circuit television system (CCTV) which primarily performs a bollard function. towards potential intruders, preventing a priori the emergence of unpleasant problems.

Over the years ErreGi srl has designed and installed numerous CCTV systems for sensitive Italian military sites and NATO forces.

The recent technological developments mean that these systems respond in an excellent way to the control needs of the environments to be protected and, if well positioned, are extremely difficult to evade. High definition, wireless and infrared technology, motion detection, latest generation IP cameras will be at your disposal, exponentially decreasing the possibility of violating your spaces.

For 360-degree protection, we do not neglect proven alarm systems, with the following characteristics:
  • outdoor and indoor perimeter sensors
  • infrared and microwave sensors
  • high quality components
  • latest generation control units


Security systems with cameras in military buildings, such as Aviano AB new passenger terminal, Pordenone Trieste and Udine carabinieri barracks, banking institutions and refueling areas.


300 +
Residential structures
130 +
Industrial structures
250 +
Military structures
Shopping centers
Banks and services

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