Erregi s.r.l. operates in the electicity, telecommunications and energy efficiency sectors of civil. Commercial and industrial buildings. From small to large installations, from programming to assembly, we are able to offer our customers a complete assistance in all phases: from the design to the choice of materials, to the production and ordinary sxtraordinary maintenance.

Our company is safe and reliable, it differs on the market thanks to the care taken in the choise of materials and components used and thanks to the precision of the installation of the system, carried out according to operating standards: each system is designed and tailor-made to satisfy all types of need.

The quality of our work is guaranteed not only by experience, but also by the use of latest-generation solution and products,new technological knowledge and state-of-the art precision equipment that allow us to obtain at the same time safe, functional, certified systems designed for consumption optimization.

Erregi s.r.l. is a strong and structured company that boasts young, dynamic and enterprising consultants and technicians who are constantly trained and seriously experienced, efficient and collaborative with the clients, thus favoring a stable and lasting relationship with them.

Thanks to these qualities and many successful jobs, Erregim s.r.l. can be considered one of the main points of reference in the electricity sector in Italy and Europe.

Our areas of intervention are:
  • design, installation, maintenence and the restructuring of any kind of electrical system, underground power lines, MV/LV electical substations, MV switchboards, electric generators,and benches, ups, street lighting systems, luminous announcements, lightning protection systems, telephone systems, LAN networks, fiber optic networks, copper telephone cables and data and video wifi systems, intercoms and video intercoms, sound system and also Evac, antennaa systems, keyless access systems and geometric recognition, access to controlled parking areas with plate reading, gate automation, video surveillance system with wireless cameras, fire detection systems, design and construction of photovoltaic and latest-generation home automation systems.

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