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ErreGi Electrical & Communication



Residential, commercial and industrial electrical services, LV / MV electrical lines and panels, digital and satellite TV antenna systems, electrical columns for car charging stations, audio and sound systems, door and gate automation.



Computer networks, structured copper cabling, optical fiber and FTTH & FTTD, installation and termination of main external copper and fiber optic networks, installation of WiFi systems, data and video.

Access Control


Keyless access control with magnetic card, RFID badge, password, geometric access systems with handprint, facial or iris recognition, and parking systems in controlled areas with license plate reading.



Alarm systems, CCTV and video control systems with wireless cameras: we carefully study the market and its innovations, welcoming the best innovations in terms of safety and space control

Fire Detection


Smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, multi-criteria detectors, manual alarm buttons, optical-acoustic alarm devices



Advanced solutions for the exploitation of renewable energies, design and construction of photovoltaic systems, low energy consumption lighting (LED), civil and industrial home automation systems

We take care of every detail

Our commitment is such that we never leave the customer alone but we support him to solve any problem, without neglecting any detail; our key points are fairness in the relationship with customers, the professionalism of the services, the competence of the staff and constant professional updating, compliance with current legislation. [continue]

Our customers

Private homes
and residential complexes

Small and large industries

Italian and NATO
military structures

Public and private bodies

Shopping centers

Banks and services

Where we operate

We design and install systems in Italy and throughout Europe, taking care of every aspect to guarantee an excellent finished work in a "state of the art".

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Electrical & Communication

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