Telecommunication systems

From designing and building of transport and access telecommunication networks, to modernization of existing infrastructure, we continue to act as a key partner for our clients by achieving exceptional quality, extensive coverage, reliability, safety and delivering world-class communications solutions.

We specialize in:
  • LAN networks in copper and fiber solutions
  • Wireless networking
  • Information transport infrastructure including Outside Plant (OSP)
  • Data center
  • Industry specific IT solutions
  • Installations of radio links for data transmission between two points
  • Installazione impianti diffusione sonora e chiamata amplificata
  • Systems for remote control and management of the electrical and anti-intrusion system


Over 400 istallation, cabling and termination of fiber optic cables from external and internal, designed and built in military, industrial and hospitals in italy, portugal and germany. Wi-fy system in ciovil and military installations.


300 +
Residential structures
130 +
Industrial structures
250 +
Military structures
Shopping centers
Banks and services

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